Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

Mohammad Asaduzzaman
The Aristocrat Group

Chairman’s Message

I always had a genuine concern about the health and safety issues of the people of the country so my business focus envisioned me to set up a fully- automated rice and feed industry. Extensive research and development with local and International expertise is a continuous process at Aristocrat to develop hygienic food. We feel that relevant awareness is lacking regarding the food that we are consuming and the risk factors associated with it.

The PP Bag industry and The Aristocrat Non Woven Industry followed along the pathway where state of the art technology is being used.

My objective towards business was never limited to profitability but I have tried my best to carefully assess the need of the Bangladesh market and explore potential to earn foreign currency from export as well. We believe in diversity so there are eight Strategic Business Units in the group.

My passion to serve the people of the country remains constant and the Group actively takes part in various CSR events and programs where the disadvantaged people are being benefited.

Bangladesh, being a developing country is maintaining a sustainable growth against all odds and the management will continue to have a positive vision towards the betterment of the company and the nation.

Together we can. I believe we can.

Mohammad Asaduzzaman.