The Aristocrat Lily Rice

The Aristocrat Lily Rice

The Aristocrat Rice Mill is one of the Hi Tech continuous processed Rice mill in this sub-continent. The capacity is 07 MT/hour. This is located at Taragonj, Rangpur. The project area is about 240 decimals. The location of the mill has all infrastructure facilities including an excellent communication network from other districts.

The Mill processes Lily Branded special, traditional, aromatic and fine rice with highest quality rice bran to local market. We are also keen to take the advantages of fast growing agro-based industry by offering professional service and price advantage to the customers.

The mill is controlled and run by Programmable Logic Control (PLC) system, which is a fully computerized mechanism. This is the first time in Bangladesh. The production line starts with dumping of paddy in Dumping Pit and ends with bagging of rice through automatic filling and stitching system.


The mill has world class Par Boiling system procured from Italy. The Parboiling section comprises of soaking tanks for soaking of paddy and the Cooking Tank that cooks the paddy. The cooked paddy then passes through five Dryer Sections and one Conditioning Section of Chinese origin. Through dryers and conditioner the paddy gets dried and conditioned. The dried and conditioned paddy then goes through the Milling Section which comprises of Pre-Cleaner, De-stoner, Husker, Whitener, Polisher and Color Sorter as the main components.

Machineries & Capacities

The Milling equipment are manufactured by world famous Chinese manufacturer the Muyang Group. Movements of paddy from one section to the other are done through different conveyers and controlled by PLC. There are two big silos with 3500 ton storage capacity each, three silos with 500 ton storage capacity each and another two silos with 500 ton.

This project is processing coarse and fine paddy. Annual capacity of paddy processing is 52,416 MT. Procuring paddy from local area and supplying its products to all areas of Bangladesh. About 300 officer and staff works for this business. Beside this business has got integration with food business with some agro consumer food products like: Sugar, Puffed Rice, Lentil, Ghee etc.

The following categories of Rice beside the other agro consumer items  are distributed throughout the country with own distribution network by efficient sales team-

  • Non Boiled Rice (Aromatic Chinigura, Kataribhog, Kalizira, Binni Rice etc).
  • Boiled Rice (Low GI, Nazirshail, Shawrna, Minicate, Atash, Paijam etc).
  • Special Rice ( Low GI-Diabetic, Anti-Oxydent brown Rice etc)
  • Traditional Rice (Brown Rice, Beroi)